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Top 50 Amateur Radio Sites 


Best world Hispanic forum about CB and HAM RADIO


Cruise Ship Frequencies and Maritime Monitoring

Cruise Ship and Maritime Frequencies. UHF and VHF Cargo and Cruise Ships. 457.5500, 457.5750, 457.6000, 457.5000, 467.7500, 467.7750, 467.8000, 467.5500, 467.5750, 467.5250, 457.5250 mhz, 156.800 Mhz


WB4IUY Blog Site

The blog page for WB4IUY. I post bits and pieces about current contests, operations, activities, and opinions here. Not much to read, but i enjoy doing it, anyway :-)


Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association (PPRAA)

The PPRAA is an ARRL Special Service Club located in Colorado Springs, CO. We are a social and technical membership organization which provides educational and recreational activities for its members to further their knowledge in the art of radio comms.


N3UJJ`s Ham Radio Website

Ham website of N3UJJ (Scott Gillis) with topics on antenna building, Software Defined Radio, Digital Modes. Featuring a ON-LINE SDR radio that can be listened to from any computer in the world



In this Blog, Personal Adventures in Africa, Homebrew equipment, LDMOS amplifier`s, Antenna, DX station in the DR Congo, 50 MHz, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF and more.. !


Clark County Amateur Radio Club, Vancouver WA

CCARC serves Clark County and SW Washington providing education, community service and emergency services. We recently celebrated 75 years as a club.

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